Beer News: Another Reason To Not Watch The Superbowl

January 23, 2009


Windell Is Also Surprised That People Drink Miller High Life Light

Miller High Life and its  working class hero, supposedly lovable delivery dude,  Windell Middlebrooks, are going to be running one-second long advertisements during the SuperBowl. You’ll remember his cherubic chocolate features from such feel good High Life commercials as “Hey rich whitey, you are charging too much for beer. That’s just wrong. I’m giving it back to people with integrity” as well as some of the better Hannah Montana episodes.

A  30-second commercial typically costs $3 million during the Super Bowl, making the one-second ads something akin $100,000. I’m guessing the commercial will have something to do with how the economy is forcing Windell to buy only a thirtieth of a Super Bowl commercial, and we can relate to that because we are poor.

One second will be long enough to make me thirsty, I guess. I wonder if he’ll take his shirt off.

Either way, I’ll never understand why Miller High Life abandoned the incredibly moving commercial spots directed by Errol Morris. Tear.


2 Responses to “Beer News: Another Reason To Not Watch The Superbowl”

  1. awesomeallday Says:

    This commercial speaks to me on many levels.

  2. Nick Says:

    no commercial could ever make me want to drink High Life more.

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