What’s He Building in There?

January 25, 2009

Beaglethorpe Brew Co. Gravity Fed Goodness

Beaglethorpe Brew Co. Gravity Fed Goodness, Sacramento, CA"

Ladies and gentlemen, I give thee Beaglethorpe Brew Co.

Homebrewers love to show off their ghetto-ass rigs, the mad-max glued-together monstrosities that lead their neighbours to believe they are secretly crafting methamphetamines or building bombs for the Queda.

The process is actually relatively simple. Hombrewers shall recognize. The water goes in the liquor tank, the highest keg converted into a kettle (keggle), then when it reaches the right temp for my mash it goes into the orange cooler mash tun with the grain (grist) for the mash, usually for about hour or so. There is a false bottom in the cooler that filters out the  grains and leaves sweet wort to go to to the boil kettle, also a converted keg.  I batch sparge, meaning I run hot water over my grain after the mash to rinse the residual sugars and get my appropriate amount of wort for my boil. I usually make ten gallon batches of my house pale ale and six gallon batches of whatever seasonal heaviosity my wife is hankerin’. During the boil, I add a bunch o’ hops to give it the bitter and floral goodness. Then, after the boil, I run it through that little plate chiller resting on the corner of the table. He’s connected to a garden hose, and through the wonders of thermodynamics, he brings it from boiling to yeast pitching temperature. From there it goes into the fermentation fridge/closet.

It’s that simple. Shit ain’t rocket science.

“I tell you one thing, he’s not building a playhouse for the children.” – Tom Waits


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